The Messenger Online: Vakhtang Machavariani's Symphony

Vakhtang Matchavariani, a Georgian musician, director and composer has collaborated with over 80 orchestras and over 25 opera houses around the world.

He has been associated with great orchestras, such as Philharmonia Orchestra London, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London, Orchestre National de France, Belgian National Orchestra, Staatsorchester Stuttgart, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Large Radio & TV Symphony Orchestra of USSR, and many other prominent orchestras.

He is a son of the famous Georgian composer Alexi Matchavariani and a grandson of a famous Choir Conductor Kirile Pachkoria.

For his significant accomplishments in performing arts, Maestro Vakhtang Matchavariani was awarded Georgia's highest and most prestigious Medal of Brilliance and Excellency.

This time, our interest in Vakhtang Machavariani's symphony was caused by two factors Ė the "new" name in the Georgian composition space and the complexity of the symphony genre.

The review of the piece was written by music critic, Lali Kakulia in Georgian.

The Symphony "World Harmony" was created in 2013 and was dedicated to Alexi Machavarianiís 100th anniversary. The symphony was created for the big orchestra, including drums, harp and celesta.

The symphony is distinguished by its large-scale construction, sound durability and monumentality and diverse layers.

The violin solo creates a special lyrical mood and shifts the entire mode of the composition.

The fourth part of the symphony is the dramaturgic center.

The final part focuses on the expansion of acoustical space, which is in compliance with universal musical expression. The whole orchestra joins in the conversation of several instruments.

Concepts are characteristic of Machavarianiís music. Each crucial moment of the piece is based on Georgian national elements, creating a universal and local fusion at the same time.

By Mariam Chanishvili

Photo By Stephane de Bourgies


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