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Key Press Excerpt

1)   …And the Scottish Opera Orchestra and Chorus, under the superbly incisive direction of Vakhtang Matchavariani, played and sang like heroes.--- Under Matchavariani, the Scottish Opera Orchestra produced some of the finest Orchestral Magic I ever heard from this band. The Glasgow Herald. U.K. MICHAEL TUMELTY.

2)   …These works were magnificently conducted by Vakhtang Matchavariani and I have never heard the Scottish Opera Orchestra playing so brilliantly. The Spectator. U.K. R. MILNES.

3)   …Both were done more than justice under the devil-driven direction of Vakhtang Matchavariani… The performance was gripping from first to last; the central C major climax was an unashamed: COUP DE THEATHER in which music, light and movement combined to knock the audience senseless.
Opera Magazine. R. MILNES.

4)    V. Matchavariani…realized the truly lucid and evocative nature of the score. Daily Telegraph U.K. K. WALTON.

5)   …Conductor Vakhtang Matchavariani… drew atmospheric performances. Sunday Times. U.K. P. DRIVER.

6)    The voltage of the performance is greatly increased by the playing of the Scottish Opera Orchestra under V. Matchavariani,… - every detail tells and has purpose and points. He was expressive and in his element with the Stravinsky’s Opera-Oratorio. Financial Times. U.K. MAX LOPPERT.

7)    MAJOR STEPS FOR AN IMPERIAL CONDUCTOR, V. Matchavariani is technically the beast. He communicates well with his hands and face, and trusts players. The Glasgow Herald. U.K. C. BOWEN.

8)    The fresh and buoyant conducting of Vakhtang Matchavariani ensures a performance of real vitality. He gained breath and the orchestra rose well to the climax. The Independent. U.K. RAYMOND MONELLE.

9)   …And in the Georgian conductor Vakhtang Matchavariani they had a figure of almost demonic energy and memorable power to see them through the evening. Manchester Evening News. U.K. R. BENLE.

10)    At the ROYAL ALBERT HALL – The large attentive audience was rewarded by the powerful performances of Shostakovich’s Symphony No.10. The Daily Telegraph U.K.

11)    Conductor Vakhtang Matchavariani drew as good a performance from the players as I can remember. Jewish Echo. U.K. E. KING.

12)    If it works it is because of the stark lighting and fairly robust account of the score under conductor Vakhtang Matchavariani, his control of the orchestra revealed Bartok’s overlap with Wagner and Janácek imaginatively enough. Scotland on Sunday. U.K. JOHN MARRIOTT.

13)   V. Matchavariani produced a romantic and deeply Mahlerian interpretation. No doubt he is a master of the baton. Musikal-dia-Bilbao Musica Clasica. SPAIN.

14)    With ample gesture, constantly attentive and in full command, Matchavariani rendered magnificently the color and volume of the excellent orchestration of Rimsky-Korsakov’s SHEHEREZADE. DEIA – SPAIN.

Photo By Stephane de Bourgies

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