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15)    The premiere in Bilbao of Bartok’s DUKE BLUEBEARD’S CASTLE was a remarkable experience under the conducting of Vakhtang Matchavariani. DEIA – SPAIN.

16)   Inspired performance of SHEHEREZADE – with grandeur, sonority, richness of timbre and splendid brilliance – under the powerful baton of Vakhtang Matchavariani. EL CORREO – SPAIN.
Fine interpretation of Bartok’s “Bluebeard’s Castle” by Matchavariani , conducted with a great mastery; a perfect orchestral treatment of the score. EL CORREO – SPAIN.

17)   V. Matchavariani produced dense and most convincing interpretation of the R. Wagner’s TANNHÄUSER, RIENZI & TRISTAN AND ISOLDE Overtures and prelude-served by highly talented soloists of the Moscow Festival Orchestra. Matchavariani gave full brilliance and spirit of the music. EL MUNDO – SPAIN.

18)    With a tender and incisive gesture, Matchavariani conducted in a dynamic move the Symphony No. 5 of Tchaikovsky. L’ARENA. - <ARENA DI VERONA> ITALY.

19)   In Hector Berlioz’s SIMPHONIE FANTASTIQUE, performed by the Stuttgart State Symphony Orchestra, Vakhtang Matchavariani brought around the brilliance of the orchestral sound, having driven it into an explosion. Focusing on the contrasts, the Conductor used to rapidly sculpt the harmonies, achieving phenomenal resonance of the brass instruments, as if declaring the Doom’s Day. STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG. HORST KOEGLER.

20)   Matchavariani effectively conducted the orchestra, having lined up the elements almost provoking a confusion while performing the first original version of “The Night on the Bare Mountain” by Musorgsky and not the version by Rimsky-Korsakov. He firmly kept the titanic sound under absolute control. He was molding the music at his own discretion having revealed so very powerfully its hidden layers. STUTTGARTER ECHO. GERMANY.

21)   Matchavariani masterfully balances the orchestra and the stage. It was an ideal contemporary interpretation of Chaikovsky’s opera. St. GALLER TAGEBLATT - MATTHIAS MUELLER. SWITZERALAND.

22)   Vakhtang Matchavariani presented Rakhmaninov’s epic musical speech, and he did it with ease, power and fierce control. BASLER ZEITUNG. RAINMAR WAGNER. SWITZERALAND.

23)   Conductor Matchavariani was working as a very competent musician. He used a precise gesture. He led the orchestra in a compact built, using powerful accents and putting the singers on the same high level. LUZERNER ZEITUNG. FRITZ SCHAUB. SWITZERALAND.

24)   Georgian conductor Vakhtang Matchavariani let the orchestra share Communion with colorfulness of sound and the delight of musical exercise. BUENDER ZEITUNG. PETER SCHAUFELBERGER. SWITZERALAND.

25)   Vakhtang Matchavariani conducts convincingly the vivid colors of Rakhmaninov as well as the overflowing romanticism in Chaikovsky’s opera. He does this in both scores with a firm manner. DER BUND. BERN. MARTIN ETTER. SWITZERALAND.

26)   There was a real action in the orchestra. The growing excitement was coming from the orchestra directed by Vakhtang Matchavariani in the first night full house. TAGESEANZEIGER. SUSANNE KÜBLER. SCHWEIZ. SWITZERLAND.

27)   Matchavariani presented himself as a tutor and governor of the orchestra, full of power and feelings. He trusts the musicians of the orchestra thus guaranteeing that the meaning of the peace reaches their hearts and minds. LÜBECKER STADTZEITUNG. GERMANY.

Photo By Stephane de Bourgies

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