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3 April 1984

Herr Wachtang Matschawariani ist ein Dirigent von hohen Graden. Seine Persönlichkeit, seine starke musikalische Ausdruckskraft, sowie die profunde Dirigiertechnik sind besonders bemerkenswert.
Herr Matschawariani ist ein Dirigent, der durch seine hohe ethische Gesinnung seinem Vaterland auch im Ausland alle Ehre machen würde.

Karl Österreicher

July lst, 1983


An audition was arranged, where Mr. Matchawariani conducted the “Freischütz” – Ouverture with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. From what I could assertain in the very short time given Mr. Matchawariani, he seems to have a conducting gift and he showed solid musicianship. He is certainly worthy of any support and help in his affort to develop his career.

Lorin Maazel

19 November 1998

I have followed Mr. Matchavariani’s career with interest for some time now and must say that he is a most remarkable, unique musician and artistic personality. His skills have produced some extraordinary concert and recording experiences.

Kevin Kleinmann
Vice President International Classics Marketing
PolyGram International, London


20th May 1996

Dear Mr. Matchavariani
I am very pleased to write on behalf of the Philarmonia Orchestra. The Orchestra enjoyed working with you and areconfident that you have much to contribute to such a position. Your musicianship and professionalism will ensure leadership of the highest quality.

David Whelton
Philarmonia Orchestra London


28 June 1996

I have known Mr. Matchavariani for many years now and have been privileged to attend a number of his concerts and recordings, which impressed me very much. It is many opinion that he is a very musical artist who undoubtedly possesses much originality together with supreme talent. His musicianship is unquestionably of the highest quality.

Ivo Pogorelich

2nd November 1998

Maestro Matchavariani has excellent conducting credentials. He has conducted both the Royal Philarmonic and Philarmonia in London and the result were excellent.

The BBC Concert Orchestra –London
Ian Maclay, General Manager


31 May 2000

Dear Vakhtang,
Your orchestra played the difficult Mahler 7th Symphony magnificently with a love, passion and commitment one rarely sees. Surely this is a reflection and tribute to your leadership and to the depth of your musical influence as maestro. You have managed to mold a special music making tradition in Georgia.

Kent Nagano

Photo By Stephane de Bourgies

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